How do I know that Lovely Lavender Plus is made from all natural ingredients?

Seven-OaksI know because I accompany my mother as she travels to find the best ingredients. Whether it be Seven Oaks Lavender Farm, or an English garden in colonial Williamsburg. She genuinely enjoys making her products and pours so much love into everything she makes.

“It’s a lot of work,” says Marie, “But the extra effort is worth it if it means a product that is better for you and all natural.”

Having used the products myself, I can attest that her efforts were not in vain. The soaps are larger than most other natural soups I have come across, so you get more for what you pay for. The soaps are not oily and they hold up longer than most. To bathe with the signature soap made by Marie is a truly invigorating experience. My entire shower stall smelled of lavender and the soap left a clean feeling instead of that pasty feeling that most soaps give you.

I have suffered from eczema for many years now and the best product by far for it has been Marie’s oatmeal with a hint of lavender bar. It instantly exfoliates my skin and calms any irritation that I might have. It takes away all off the itching or redness, and leaves my skin feeling smooth.

Lovely Lavender Plus has an all-star selection of finely made soaps and bath salts. I recommend trying out as many of her products as you can, for you and for your family. Honestly, Lovely Lavender makes me feel like I am bathing in nature. It is the best feeling on earth!