Marie's Story

Owner and Founder - Marie P. Braxton
It was a long time ago when I was first introduced to natural products, namely soaps and essential oils. They were not so popular back then, at least not where I lived, and could have been considered a novelty or something to be used on occasion. The few health food stores that existed carried limited supplies.
While touring the historic City Market (formerly the Slave Market) in Charleston, SC, I leisurely strolled into a nearby shop (I don’t remember the name, but it included the word Scents; the store has since closed after many, many decades). The aromas of the essential oils totally and completely enveloped my senses. I was hooked! Although I was young and quite economically-challenged at the time, I did manage to purchase a couple bars of handmade natural soap.
Over the years, I continued to purchase natural soaps and products when able and available. In 2011 my life took a tailspin. I experienced kidney failure and for a few months was on dialysis. In March 2012, I was given the gift of life, a kidney transplant. It was during my recovery that beautiful memories of yesteryear came to mind. One of them was the experience in the Scents shop in Charleston. It was then, while recovering, that a voice from within I call Spirit impressed upon me that I could make natural handmade soap and bath products. I’m sharing my story with you because it is so very important that you quiet yourself and listen to the still, small voice from within. If you will listen, you will hear.

Within days, I began to voraciously study the processes of soap making—books and more books, articles, interviews with seasoned soap makers, videos, websites and the like. Following months of recovery and study I finally decided to step out and make a batch of natural soap. The end result was extraordinary! In February 2014, Lovely Lavender…Plus made its debut.
These past seven years of making and selling natural soap and bath products have far exceeded my expectations. This woman-owned, home-based business has enabled me to express my God-given creativity in producing skin-nourishing products that are made by hand with high quality ingredients in small batches—and with love. The proceeds are shared with outreach ministries, the homeless, institutions of higher learning and community organizations.
It is my prayer that Lovely Lavender…Plus will be a part of your life and you will be a part of ours. Thank you for your business.